Sunday, April 21, 2013

More Spring Springing

Just a few more fun yard pictures as spring continues to creep in. 
 The thornless raspberry is taking off quite nicely.

 Picked up a neat black gothic trellis today for the center of the garage wall.

And the Hawthorn has started to bud!  I can't wait for its yearly musky white blossom!


  1. Wow, your lawn looks gorgeous! I've never heard of a thornless raspberry before. That would be nice to have.

  2. Don't you wish lawns looked as verdant and lush year round as they do in spring?? Thank you! I got the thornless raspberry at a local garden society plant sale last spring. The vines have little fuzz prickles on them, but indeed no thorns...I'm hoping it will bloom and give me some fruit this year!! :D

  3. Lovely sunshine - how lucky that you are. I adore your cottage and it's graden. So very pretty. x

  4. Thank you Minerva! Rain here today, but the garden needed it!