Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Spring Green Living Room

Spring is starting to emerge here in Central Ohio, and I thought it was a good time to spruce up our mantle decor with a bit of color. 

The little tealight cups are from Finder's Keepers, and they glow beautifully when lit!

The moss ribbon I mentioned in a previous post worked out great on the mantel.  This is one of four ribbons I bought.

Our living room is quickly becoming greener and greener.  Thank goodness Tom is so patient with my plantaholic ways.  One of the newest addition is this palm tree in the corner.  Eventually I'd like to get an olive tree for this corner, but until then this tree was a great buy and adds a touch of cheer to a blank space.

See all the green?

Grandma bought me a pansy basket for Easter.  It looks lovely on the table.


  1. Every detail of your house is an inspiration. I love the "Circe Invidiosa" on the wall.

  2. Thanks Grace! That's one of my favorite artworks in the house!