Saturday, August 17, 2013


Today we went out to Lowes to pick up something I've been thinking about adding to the front for a little while.


I've been dissatisfied for a while with the Rhododendrons we bought for the foundation of the front of the house.  They haven't seemed healthy, they've grown very slowly, and even though they're "evergreen," in the cold Ohio winters their leaves would curl up tight. 

In this picture taken earlier this month you can see...or maybe you can't...our tiny Rhododendrons that were supposed to be the foundation around which the other plantings in the front revolved.

Now, the fact that they are soooo slow growing might have bothered my impatient personality a bit, but if there's one thing gardening has taught me it's how to be more patient.  So the real problem wasn't how long they were taking to grow, but their condition and health.  They just didn't seem happy where they were.

We decided to keep the center Rhododendron since it is by far the healthiest of the three.  Hopefully it will still grow big and healthy, albeit slowly.  But on the corners we replaced the Rhododendrons that weren't doing so well with Arborvitae, which should quickly grow, and reach up to 12' tall (we can keep it cut back if need be) and 4' wide.  It'll be a nice evergreen accent that you can actually SEE in the winter and summertime.

So where did we put the Rhododendrons we pulled up?  Well they weren't dead, just not entirely happy, so we moved them to the back yard.  You can see them at far left and far right in this picture (the one on the right was the least healthy of the three...I hope it likes its new spot:

Aaaand here's one more gratuitous shot of some pretty Zinnias we have growing by the garage:

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