Sunday, August 18, 2013

Double Work

My husband is so patient with me.  After posting yesterday about the Arborvitae, I decided the shrub on the right in the photo could stand to be moved over juuuust a little bit more to the right.  Now mind you part of the reason why it looks like it's too far left in yesterday's picture is because the photo shows the front of the house at an angle.  But Tom humored me by re-digging a hole about 5" over from the original spot, and now I think it's pretty much perfect.  What do you think?  Here's a new shot of the front taken straight-on.  Today is a gloomier day, but it gives you an idea of its location:

Thank you, hon, for enduring one of your least favorite things in the world, double-work, for me.  :)

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