Sunday, August 11, 2013

Princess Petra: Two Surprises

After hearing murmurs on the internet among gardening circles about Surprise Lilies starting to bloom, I was surprised myself to find one in my back yard.  It bloomed behind our garage, in a spot no one ever sees, so I went ahead and cut it to enjoy inside.

Another princess done this weekend, and with Princess Petra, not only am I almost halfway done with all twelve (she is #5), but the first corner of the room is complete.

Before you ask, yes....Princess Petra is a subtle homage.  To what?  Look closer:

Still not getting it?  One more hint: the princesses have no last names, but if she did, it would be Parker.

I love my husband. ;)


  1. That's fabulous! Or should I say, spectacular?

  2. (chuckle) good one, Valerie ;) Thanks!