Saturday, October 17, 2015

Disney World 2015 Day 3 - Epcot Part 1

Monday was our third day at Disney, and our first official Epcot visit day. (We had been to Epcot on our first day to say goodbye to Duffy, but that's all we did) We first entered the park, and like the last visit in 2013, the first character we saw was Pluto. This time we got in line in time to meet him (last time his line was just ending, and we never saw him again on the trip).

Hugs and the typical pose first...

...and then I asked him if we could both pose holding out our "ears." I love the result.

We went on our first fastpass to Mission Space. We went on the green side because we'd heard the orange side could really mess you up for the rest of the day. Green was fun, and we'd probably go on it again if the line was short.

We had a little bit of time before our next fastpass, so we walked around Mousegear, which was our favorite Disney store we visited this trip. Tom found a really cool Steamboat Willie shirt he wore later on in our vacation, and I found Duffy. <3

Next fastpass was for Test Track. The ride was down in 2013, so we'd never been on this one either. It was also fun. I thought the only high speed part was when the doors open and you go...what is it...55 miles an hour or something? but the inside part was adventurous too, when it takes you on road safety hazard tests and the like.

Our test car was pretty funky looking. You're supposed to trace the shape of the outline of your car on the monitor first thing, and it must not have liked my finger, because it went nuts. We just went with it though.

Next it was late enough in the morning that I knew Belle was meeting in France. We went over to give my favorite Disney princess my favorite necklace I had made.

The left book says "Far Off Places," the book she's reading says "Daring Sword Fights," the book in the basket says "Magic Spells," and the book on the right says "A Prince in Disguise." This is a reference to when Belle describes her favorite book to the book seller at the beginning of the movie. The design for this necklace was completely original, based on an Art Nouveau figural pendant I saw online.

Belle was really sweet, but I was really nervous. I feel like I made an idiot of myself, and after meeting her I had to take a moment to walk off how upset I was about how nervous I got.

We went back to the start of World Showcase after this, and swung by Club Cool, the Coke-sponsored spot where you can sample different Coke products from around the world. There's this Italian carbonated beverage called "Beverly" that has a reputation for being the most repugnant and disgusting thing on the face of the planet, and we were curious to try it.

I went first, recording the results.

Noooot the reaction I or anyone was expecting.  Tom's reaction was much more on-par with most people's.

We then picked up a map and set of stickers for the Remy's Ratatouille "Hide and Squeak" scavenger hunt. We were clued into this by, of course, our friends at Mousesteps. (The following images are c. Denise of Mousesteps)

C. Mousesteps
You pay $8 for the above...a set of stickers and a map of the Epcot World Showcase. In each country, Remy is hiding (life size, or slightly larger but not by much) somewhere, posed next to one of the ingredients. You have to match each country with which ingredients he's holding, and put the sticker where it belongs.

c. Mousesteps
We LOVED this. It was our first time really going around World Showcase much (In 2013, we only had a half day or so at Epcot, and barely saw the World Showcase area at all.) and this was the perfect way for us to explore. The challenge wasn't easy: some of the Remy figures were in pretty tough places to find. This video from Mousesteps shows them all.

Once we picked up our map, we stopped in England to eat our lunch, sitting on the ground in a maze. As we were eating, a wee squirrel crept closer and closer. Being used to non-Disney squirrels, I was amused, but kept waiting for him to dart off, until he was practically on top of our food. We gave him a few bits of granola and bread.

After food was eaten, we went back to the cute wee room at the back of the England pavilion where you can meet Pooh and Tigger in Christopher Robin's bedroom.

First we got hugs...

Then we took the standard pictures...

Then I asked Tigger to try a jumping shot with me.  It didn't go so well, but it was hilarious.

But you can see a little bit in this picture that Pooh and Tom were off-camera, and tried to jump into our picture at the last minute. So fun!!

Next after hunting around a few of the showcases for the Remy figures (Italy was my favorite and made me laugh out loud when we found it) we went to Morocco to meet Aladdin and Jasmine.  I had buttons for them, but it was all over in the blink of an eye.

A few posed shots and that was it! But I got their names on my hat.

And with that, I think this Epcot day is going to have to become a two parter!

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