Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Disney World 2015 Day 5 - Hollywood Studios

Wednesday was our fifth day in the parks, and we went to Hollywood Studios, as it is currently named for who knows how much longer.

Our first ride was Toy Story Midway Mania, which I found to be a lot more fun the second time around. (We had a fastpass last time we went in 2013 too, but we never went on again, since the standby line is always an hour or more)

Next we went to the Beauty and the Beast stageshow. In 2013, we had seats pretty far back, so we wanted to make sure ours this time around were better.

Then it was Tower of Terror fastpass time. Ahh we both love this ride!  Our favorite Disney rides probably go: Haunted Mansion, Expedition Everest, Tower of Terror. 

Our ride video:

We wanted to meet Chip and Dale this trip, and we've never met them in their Hollywood Exec outfits. We stood in line with Minnie still meeting in this spot, but we knew she traded out with Chip and Dale. We made it to the front of the line before they switched, so we just kept letting people ahead of us till the switch happened. The CM character attendant had been out in the sun all morning, so I tapped her on the shoulder and said "thanks so much for still exhibiting the Disney spirit in this heat and sun!" and gave her one of the buttons we brought to give to random people (we also had given out tons of them to little kids in lines and buses with us). Her reaction was amazing and sweet. 

And then of course there was getting to meet Chip and Dale.

Hugs and Baymax Fistbumps.

A big part of our Hollywood Studios day was Star Wars. They are really pushing it there now, and will be even more so once the new Star Wars Land opens up a few years from now. We went on Star Tours, another great ride.

There was time to go to the Muppets 3D show, and then it was time for our last fastpass, the Frozen Singalong stage show. 


THIS was the biggest Disney magic moment of the trip for us. The video just does it no justice, but watch it anyway. Being in that room with the massive screen showing flawless movie footage in vivid sharp detail was amazing, but hearing everyone explode in awe at Elsa's finale and then having it start to snow?  It was beyond beyond.

Then add to all that the fact that Elsa....was the friend of Belle from our last trip who absolutely made my happiest memory of that entire trip. When we recognized her, we were both so elated. (And made sure we left kudos for her later at Guest Relations)

Meandering over to the Streets of America, we knew we had to find Mr. Gold's storefront (from Once Upon a Time). It wasn't as obvious to find as we thought it'd be.  

A few items from the show in the window.

(hard to see behind the wands is Ursula's crown)


We sat down and ate some lunch, still processing how amazing the Frozen Singalong was, and then went over to meet the big cheese again, in his Sorcerer Mickey outfit.

When we got there, I pointed out that there were a lot of mops around with buckets waiting...I wanted to be sure he had them all sufficiently in line, and we weren't about to be drenched with water.

He shrugged and then tapped his hat, indicating "I sure hope so!"

 This artwork was in a Frozen theme store, and it's also up on the walls around the Epcot Frozen meet and greet work area. I LOVE this artwork, and I wish they had it on a shirt or posters.  (Note: I did find it on the bottom design of a shirt with Anna on it, but it was...bling-y. I hate blingy shirts as they never last)

 Our dinner reservations were for Prime Time 1950s Diner. It was so awesomely atmospheric, and the food was pretty good comfort food. I got the meatloaf and Tom got the fried chicken. His was SO good, I think I'll get that next time.

We've heard the waiters here can be great fun or so so. Sadly, ours was terrible. It seemed the only part of the "family atmosphere" he wanted to portray was the grumpy uncle, tossing our plates, silverware, etc on our table and never coming back for refills on the drinks or anything. It was the only reservation meal on our trip that I tipped under the standard 20%.

But we still enjoyed our meal, the atmosphere, and I totally don't dismiss the place based just on one waiter. We still joked around with the waitress near us who was acting as she was supposed to ("elbows off the table!" "finish your vegetables!") and we even left a hidden Mickey for our waiter from our two drink glasses and the mixer cup they served our PB&J milkshake in. 

It's all about the attitude, folks.

Plus we got a super awesome table.  Look at this!


Lastly that evening we got over to the Fantasmic stage about an hour early to make sure we got good seats. We really did!  It was our first time seeing Fantasmic, as we missed it in 2013. Wow, it was incredible! I teared up a few times.

We meandered out slowly, trying to miss the initial crush of humanity when the show first ended. We stopped by a store near the entrance, and I tried on a pair of Minnie ears I later bought.

Tom was taking pictures of this awesome Steamboat Willie statue, and I tried to photobomb his picture. I actually love the resulting photo, because to me, this is how I feel THE ENTIRE TIME I'M AT DISNEY WORLD.

Two more trip days left...and we were intent on enjoying every last drop of them.

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  1. Wonderful! ( And I have those same Minnie ears :) ) it was watching the Frozen sing a long video that made me have to buy tickets for Disney On Ice --not the same I know, but I hear it's amazing too. Can't wait :)