Saturday, October 17, 2015

Disney World 2015 Day 3 - Epcot Part 2

Next on our tour of Epcot, after of course hunting down more of the Remys in different countries, we went to China and met Mulan. I also had a button for her, which she enjoyed.

I asked her if I could borrow her cricket, as I had some postcards to write out for people back home, and I heard that he was a good and fast writer (a reference to her movie of course). 

 Next, after more time in the world showcase, we met Donald in Mexico.  More hugs all around...

...and we told Donald that we understood him: he wasn't an angry bird. His reactions were entirely proportionate to the stuff he has to put up with. 

He liked that idea a lot.

Mexico was our last stop in the world showcase, which meant it was time to go to a redemption station and turn in our completed Remy Hide and Squeak map for a free pin!

We of course had to choose the salt pin. If you know me and my obsession with all things salty, you get it. 

Then we went off to the Epcot Character Spot.

Mickey was first. He pointed out our anniversary buttons as many do, and we pointed out to him again that he was an inspiration to us in his relationship with Minnie (but would he ever put a ring on her finger?)

Goofy was next. We told him how we'd heard about his adventures in Potatoland, which was a joke we kept referencing on our trip.

Minnie was last of the three in the Character Spot. She was off checking on her cheesecake, so we had a moment to talk to the two CMs at her station, and it was great.

This was Minnie's reaction when I told her we asked Mickey if he'd ever tie the knot.

 She asked to see my ring.

And then laid it on top of her hand to "try it on." You can see we were amused.

We had dinner reservations at Via Napoli, and we were really impressed with the delectably delicious pizza. They also seated us right by a window view of the Italy area. It was beautiful and yummy.

By the time we finished eating, it was dusk, and I suggested we walk back around World Showcase the long way,  hoping that maybe Snow White would be in Germany. And she was!!

I wanted her to sign my hat, but we were having technical issues with the white oil paint Sharpie. She was a perfect Snow though, saying in a sweet little voice "oooh, I do believe it's Sleepy!"

We did get it working eventually, and she signed the ear under Lady Tremaine. This below picture shows quite clearly the massive signature Gaston left on the back of my ear hat. It was a great talking point for every other person signing the hat from that point on.  I mean, look at it!!  It was hard to get 22 signatures on that hat with that massive signature in the way.

Our last stop on our way out was to take a picture in front of Spaceship Earth.  After we stopped by Club Cool one more time for me to try Beverly and make absolutely sure...I like it!

Might have something to do with my obsession with salt.

And thus ended Day 3 of our Disney trip.

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