Friday, May 17, 2013

Lady Hawthorn In Her White Dress

So the Hawthorn is blooming.  I love that tree year round, but when she blooms, that's her special time to shine.

In this photo you can also see our abundant ferns in the corner, and half of our poppies. 

 Just look at her showing off!

Last night I brought a selection of poppies and ferns into the house to enjoy.

They were lovely and wonderful.  Sadly today I discovered they make very short lived and messy cut flowers.

The flower beds have never been this full or happy.  Yay!!!

The moss roses are starting to bloom.  I do love that flower.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Poppy Day!

I woke up this morning and blearily looked out the window, curious what the insanely vibrant object was against my garage siding.

Well, once I realized what it was, my expression was like a kid on Christmas morning.

Our first Poppy!

Part of what I find so beautiful about Poppies are their vibrant color against their dark centers.  But I also love how very like crepe paper their petals are.  Oh I'm so in love with how this bloom looks against the white of the garage!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Merry Start of May

It was a great and productive weekend!  Mom and I started it out yesterday with a trip to the Great Granville Garage Sales.  We always enjoy it, and we end up finding some of the deals of the year.  Mine this year...was this gorgeous table for $15!! 

The sellers said it came from an old church, and looking at the design of the base, you can definitely see the Gothic influence.

In the front, we got a couple of hanging basket planters, and hung them with Lobelia.  The plants are starting to come in more and more!

We also re-mulched the flower beds, and added Petunias and Marigolds to the window boxes.  

A closer view of the front porch and a window box.

It's hard to tell relative size in this picture, but oh my goodness are the Hollyhocks ever coming in thick and lush!  We are right on target for them to bloom with tall stalks this year, and I can't wait to see that.

 The Hawthorn leaves have emerged, and the Phlox and Poppies are abundant beside the garage.

The Ferns are starting to unfurl in the corner of the back yard.

 And the Poppy buds are starting to shoot up from the foliage.

The Lilac grows taller every year, and has started its bloom.  

We finished our deck project today, and it was great to check another thing off the to-do list.  We are *thrilled* with how the deck boards turned out.  A before shot of the old worn dull grey boards is here.