Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Magical Oregon Trip September 2018 - Day 3

Day three of my trip started out with packing up all my belongings back into my suitcases. I was moving to new digs: my friend Bryonie's lovely guest suite in her house. I dropped my stuff off at her house, and was so agape looking around her lovely home, we were almost late returning the rental car to the airport!

On the way back to her house, we stopped by this wonderful cafe, attached to an antique store. I tell you, if I lived in Portland I'd be coming here all the time. Good food, AND antiquing in one place? Genius!

Of course not everything I admired could come home with me, so I took photos of the things I liked but didn't want or couldn't afford.

I get a huge delight out of the way vendors label art they don't know the name of. Hope by Watts becomes "Sleeping Girl." Heehee.

I loved this one...the blank space on the canvas really works beautifully.

This one was small, but so vivid and beautiful.

And since crows, walking the streets of Portland with jet black wings, flying in front of my face at the ocean, and sending me messages in mementos at stores (story coming) were such a part of my trip, I took this photo too.


This one was an original I think, and it felt so quintessentially *Oregon* with its mossy drippy branches. It was also massively huge.

This Scottish bunneh made me giggle, and would have been hard to pass up, were it not for his skin-colored doll legs. Eep.

Bryonie ended up finding a beautiful cabinet for display at The Fernie Brae, and I bought an antique postcard from Multnomah Falls.

We came back to Bryonie's house, where I continued my gawping tour. I love how she has her FAO Schwarz Froud Goblin displayed on a wall plinth! Need to try to find one of these for my own Bimble plush.

The painting below the goblin is a gorgeous original from her family in a worn and carved frame. If you watch Toby's film, Lessons Learned, keep an eye out for it!

Just the sort of art wall I love!

And the moving and enviable portrait of Bryonie by Brian Froud, along with other marvelous treasures.

A friend of an artist from the exhibition was in town for the day only, so we swung by the Brae so that he could see the show. I took more photos inside at this point, since there were fewer distractions.

The display case you see when you first enter:

And of course the quote from Thomas the Rhymer from which the shop gets its name.

I've been eyeing these fungi mugs for a while now. Didn't jump on it this time, but maybe someday.

At the exhibition, this sculpture wasn't labeled, so I didn't realize it was done by Bryonie! Isn't he magical?

A prop bottle sculpted by Wendy, used in Lessons Learned.

A faerie girl by Toby Froud, part of the decor.

Ouk, sculpted by Wendy Froud, a goblin belonging to the store, causing mischief and magic.

Love these architectural pieces by Toby Froud for the Brae. Bryonie sold these at one point, and I didn't jump on buying them. Of course I regret it now.

And these astonishing corbels Toby also made for the Brae. These haven't been made available to buy yet.

The centerpiece of course is this fireplace carving Toby did for the store. Someday maybe I can convince him to let me commission one for myself.

Back to Bryonie's house with another shot of her lovely living room and dining room. Love the felted mushroom garland, and her son's art throughout the house. (he is, seriously, a very talented young artist)

Bryonie's son was home from school, and I got to meet the magical and imaginative whirlwind that he is! What a wonderful kid. Bryonie suggested a tea picnic on her lawn, and that sounded good to everyone.

Dinner was delicious rice and a vegetarian mix I picked up at the local supermarket across from the Brae. After the adults put the kiddo to bed, Bryonie and I went downstairs and watched Lessons Learned, which was fun as I could pick out the little items I recognized from her home and shop. We talked for a couple of hours, and then I went to bed, in her comfy cozy guest room, looking forward to the next (last...sadly) day in Oregon.

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