Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bedroom Trees, DONE

Today I was resolved to finish the last of the Windling Trees (as I call them, since they were inspired by the incredible Terri Windling's wall trees, and doesn't it sound like a real kind of tree?) in the bedroom.

I was originally on the fence about whether or not I wanted to do trees behind the top of our bed, since I'd like to eventually get a bed frame. But I finally decided to do trees there after all, just starting the branches up high enough that they shouldn't be covered by a headboard, should we ever find the perfect one. (Besides...a super tall headboard that would threaten to cover these trees wouldn't even fit up the infamous stairs up to the second floor)

Couldn't you just melt over the little top of Corvin's head showing in the above picture? Yes, he had to get in this photo as well.

I also finally got a very special mirror given to me by a dear friend hung in its chosen spot in the bedroom. I was considering painting one last tree in this space, but when we held the mirror to the wall again, it seemed undeniable it was a perfect spot for it.


  1. such a magical place you are turning your house into!
    *waves at you through the portal*

  2. *waves back* It's such a great spot to put it...I think the portal was meant to go there :)