Friday, April 22, 2011

Roses for a Rainy Friday

Today I stopped by Walmart for a few groceries, and they had a plethora of rose bouquets on sale for $10 for the dozen. They spilled out around the produce displays in a thousand colors, and I admired their beauty, but it wasn't until I saw these lovelies that I could no longer resist.

To me, they are definitely females...fair maidens blowsily displaying their fine frocks. It's hard to tell from these pictures, but in person the blooms are so very full and beautiful. I could hardly say no to them.

They brighten up our dining room table, a room that has gone entirely undecorated thus far. I keep vaguely hinting at this, but I do have massively huge plans for this room...the biggest undertaking of all the artsy projects in the house.

For now, the room is made brighter on a rainy dreary April day by this bouquet of twelve dancing princesses. (could that be...a hint?)

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