Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Showers, May Flowers

Today was the last day of April...a month that brought Ohio new record rainfall. And yet today was beautifully sunny. I was in awe of the sunshine, and we made the most of it

My alien-shadow waves hello.
Lovely white flowers that have come up back by the garage.
I was on the phone to a friend, sitting outside under our tree in the back yard, and all of a sudden I practically squealed her ear off, and said "FIDDLEHEAD FERNS!!!" I LOVE fiddlehead ferns, and we apparently have them in our back yard. Best news of the entire day, and it was a great day.
Our beautiful tree in the back yard has started to turn green.
We moved one of the day lilies to make room for our new lilac at the corner of the patio.
Corvin enjoyed basking in the sun and by the sun.
Eeeee!!! Fiddleheads!!!!

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