Monday, April 25, 2011

Dawn Treader State Room

Tom and I bought the Blu Ray of Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It has always been my favorite Narnia book and I never did get to the theater to see it, so I was eager to watch it. The visuals were just gorgeous, but I was especially smitten with the State Room inside the Dawn Treader ship. So smitten, that I had to pop the disc into my computer and screen cap the space.

Click all images to see much larger.

Enter through the gorgeous wood and stained glass doors.

The painting of ...I'm guessing Susan?...behind Lucy's head was what first really popped my attention to this space. I'm a sucker for art painted on walls, and a huge sucker for art this BEAUTIFUL on walls. I've tried searching high and low on the internet and the movie credits to find out who did the art on these walls, and all to no avail so far. :(
Written in gold on white above the first mural is "Once a King or Queen of Narnia, Always a King or Queen" in a beautiful medieval font. Ah, be still my heart....
Click this image for a more readable view of the lettering:
I would love to look closely at all of the little objects on the counters.
Lucy turns from a beautiful mural of the famous lamppost. I'm guessing perhaps a picture of Tumnus is to the right of the window? Ah, the window too...(drool)
Behind Edmund's head is a centaur with a horn, rendered *gorgeously* (He was across the room from Lucy, so this is a different mural)

The picture was blurry, but here's another view of the Susan mural with all the gorgeous woodwork.

The furniture behind them is also droolworthy.
Aaaah be still my heart!! The coffered ceiling, the murals, the stained glass, the woodword, the furniture....can I move in now??
Plenty of inspiration in this space for Catty-Corner! If you want to know what I love in decorating, it is!!


  1. I agree with every single thing you wrote here. I too am in love with Caspian's cabin and I'm glad I stumbled across your screencaps as I've been trawling the net for some for quite some time. The details you've discovered that I never noticed when watching it are amazing and make me wish there could be more to Susan and Caspian - be still my beating heart

  2. So glad you like the images, Tee_Elle! I searched the internet for any info I could find on the state room and especially the murals...I can't find them credited to an artist anywhere, and they're so beautiful!