Sunday, April 3, 2011

Geek Cred

Overall, if I had to choose a name for the decorating style of our house, it would be "Victorian Medieval Revivalist" or "British Victorian Arts & Crafts." However, not all of my interests lay in this direction (although a good deal of them do) nor do those of my husband. I speak of....our geekdoms.

I am a sci fi and fantasy geek...someone who has been to at least one sci fi or fantasy themed convention every year for the past ten years (excluding only 2008, our wedding year) dressed in handmade costumes both original and fandom recreation.

Tom is an enormous comic book and movie aficionado, and in fact we met through the message boards on (Joe created the comic character of Dawn). He once owned a comic shop, and is the biggest Spider-man fan I've ever met.

Soooo in among the fairy tale books and the mahogany wood, you may see glimpses of our fandoms here and there scattered around the house, and most centrally located in our "Geek Room" on the main floor. Here are a few examples.

In our living room, beside the tv, below a blue and white tea set, are the framed decoupaged pictures I made for above our apartment fireplace, each showcasing a different fandom. Left to right, there's J.W. Waterhouse (me), Sandman's Death (Tom), Kinuko Craft (me) and Spider-man (Tom)

In front of the frames is the cake topper from our wedding...Spider-man and Mary Jane.

The theme in the kitchen is early 1900s / Art Nouveau advertising. Toward that end, I hope to start a collection of original and reproduction tins from the early 1900s. But scattered in with the old, will be the Spidey.

The small hall wall right outside our geek room features a plush version of one of the door knockers from Labyrinth (a fandom of mine) and a picture we found on Worth 1000 that just too perfectly summarized Tom and me to not frame. (The art is by Bouguereau, modified just a tad)

Just inside the geek room are a couple of great portraits Tom commissioned from our dear friend and talented artist, Erica Hesse.

The video game tv in the geek room is a shelf for Tom's actions figures too. (I love Rex from Toy Story). Behind the tv is a Spider-man movie poster, and a plush Spidey hangs from the curtain.

Spidey and Death figures are displayed on Tom's computer desk.

The top of the bookshelves in there display more figures and fandoms.

We just got a frame for this Origin of Spider-man poster. I think it looks pretty snazzy.

Above our computers...on my side is an awesome Adam Hughes "Women of DC" poster. Above Tom's is Death from Sandman.

Adding a bit of levity to the decor is something I love, and I'm very glad to be with someone who agrees with me.


  1. So wonderful to be in tune with each others geekdom. We have side by side computers as well, and my man has gargoyles and guitars. I have trolls and faerie fantasy prints. Of course we have pics of each other too!

  2. Can I ask where you got the frame for the Women of DC? I bought that poster and have yet to find a frame that will fit the strange dimensions. Ikea was no help :(

  3. Painting Queen, so awesome!! Sounds familiar to me ;)

    Pants, we got it custom framed at Michaels Craft Store. I think it was about $125 to have done?