Saturday, February 11, 2012

Antique Mall Purchases

Today we went antiquing with friends. I came back with a few things.

This frame was such a unique shape and was on sale for $1.25. I hope to try to put another image in the matting...something more fantastical. I love the mottled green on the matting too.

Another $5 book I couldn't resist.

A view of the inside:

My splurge of the day. I saw this book last time I was at the antique store, but I didn't want to spend the price. The memory of it haunted me, however, and I had to have it. The Book of Romance by Andrew Lang, illustrated by Henry Ford. 1929 edition. I couldn't help but share a selection of my favorite illustrations from it.


  1. Love the finds, Kenilworth Castle is part of my childhood; often visited along with my dad as it is quite close to where I grew up
    It is one of the many Elizabethan castles in the Midlands.
    Love the Andrew Lang book, what a find.

  2. Charlotte, trying my best to not be green with envy. ;) What a lovely place!!

  3. You made quite a haul! The Andrew Lang book... If you get scans made of your favorite artwork, you can make prints to hang. They wont be huge, but you should be able to get a nice size with a shape image.

  4. Hi Leigh,

    I definitely hope to at least do a color photocopy of this one for my tree bedroom:

  5. Please tell me what place had the stained glass double swan lamp? I love it. thanks

  6. Momma, this was the Greater Columbus Antique Mall.