Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thanks, Cardboard!

I found the most lovely candle sconces at Hobby Lobby for our living room wall. Problem is, they came with those obnoxious candle spikes right on each level. Why obnoxious? Well, when we put open candles on there one night, we discovered the iron "cups" weren't even close to large enough to accommodate the melted wax, and we had quite a mess to clean up.

So, I thought "aha! I'll go out and buy some clay and level it off to above the level of the spikes. Then I can just buy some votive glasses to catch all the wax" I did so...and then we discovered the candles get hot enough to melt the clay under them like wax. No go.

So I made little cardboard circles to go under the candle cups (bought from the dollar store) to level them off to above the level of those stupid spikes. Knock on wood, thus far it seems to be working, and the candles are high enough on the wall that only a really tall person with a keen eye for detail would notice them.

Thanks, cardboard!


  1. How are you able to place glass holders on it, if there are spikes? Did you clip off the spikes?

  2. Hi Leigh,

    The cardboard rests inside the scooped cup of the wrought iron base *above* the level of the spike, so the spike is below the cardboard circle :)

  3. They look gorgeous, Grace, but *please* make sure they're safe…. My cousin is a fire safety officer and he's told me some mega-scary stories about people resting candle holders on different surfaces which either over-heat or aren't stable enough. Sorry to be a worry head - it's probably fine, and does look beautiful!

  4. A good reminder, Mags. I definitely plan to only burn the candles in the sconces for short periods when we're in the room the whole time...I've had enough bad experiences with unmonitored candles in the past! ;)

  5. I'm a bit late to this party, but I have similar sconces with a similar issue - I cut the spikes off with a set of bolt cutters and then dremeled it smooth, and I now can rotate out the candle cups whenever I feel like it (which is frequently - usually when the cats break one of the set).

  6. Julie, I was wondering if I could do that! Thing is...I'm lazy and they're already screwed in to the for now I think I'll stick with the cardboard (lol) but if we ever take them down for some reason, I'll totally try cutting them with bolt cutters. Thanks! <3