Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tree Portal

For a while now, I've had a bit of a mini-obsession with obtaining a bubble glass frame. I had a very specific purpose in mind for it. The space under the arching trees above my bed seemed to call out for something special, and I imagined a portal that made you feel like you could fall into a tunnel of trees straight to Faerieland.

Well, thanks once again to Dresden Junk-Shun, I got my bubble glass frame. I searched the internet for a photo of an acceptably fantastical tree tunnel, and then I found out that a) none of them seemed quite right and b) because the frame is 13x17" instead of 11x17", I'd have to pay an extra $10 or so for a single color paper copy of an image to go inside.

So I decided to make one myself! After all..the rest of the trees in the room are mine, these might as well be too...

I'm quite pleased with how the set-up with the trees on the wall and the trees in the drawing pull you in. Now I'm having another debate. Originally I had planned to have the tree portal be a central frame in a series of frames hanging among the branches. Now, I'm not so sure...I'm afraid having other images on this wall might lessen the impact. Thoughts?

Tom is going to have a heart attack when he reads this too, but I'm starting to wonder if perhaps it's not time for a new bed set/comforter. I've had this one, in jewel-tone velvet patchwork, for going on 10 years now. What do you think...does it still work, and am I just questioning it because familiarity breeds contempt? (I actually hate that saying) Or would another design work better with the room?


  1. What about a wool felted Tree of Life blanket? I found directions for one a year or two back-but they are on my old computer and I dont remember where I found them. I could give it a look...

  2. I love your "portal" and your bed looks so a nest! I think the patchwork velvet quilt is perfect! Reminds me of something I would read about in a middle ages romance novel...can see the knight sweeping his maiden off to snuggle under the quilt beneath the branches:)...

  3. The portal is lovely! I'm not sure about adding any more pictures around it, but I'd be tempted to add more branches around the frame to really draw you into the portal.

    I like the bed cover too ...but if you do find some nice ones, please post! I've been wanting to upgrade my bedding for ages and so far everything I've looked at has been decidedly underwhelming.

  4. Maybe get a more spring/summer bed set and you can rotate the two throughout the year?

  5. I really like the idea of rotating out a summer and winter bedcover. :)

    Leigh, your suggestion reminded me that mom has asked me before for ideas on a quilt to make me. This just might happen :)

    Cheryl, my word, you make me want to read more romance novels!! :D

    Bryony, I spent the evening last night searching bed covers, and got so frustrated I gave up!

  6. Grace, not sure I found myself here, but I am glad I did! I LOVE your bedroom, your portal, your must be such a lovely space in which to sleep! its perfect!

    Leanne x

  7. Leanne, thank you so much! I'm so glad you found your way here...I love tumbling down the rabbit hole from one blog to another and discovering new things!

  8. Hi Grace, I bought this same headboard off craigslist and have been searching for where I can get the matching footboard... I have no idea where this incredible set originally came from. Could you please tell me where you got yours?

  9. Hi Nicole, I'd love to be able to help you...honestly I'd love to know the source for this bed frame too, but I got my set off of Craigslist as well! Best of luck in your search.