Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Crafts and Buys

My decorations on the mantle were highly themed to Valentine's Day. So since the holiday was over, I decided to do some sprucing up. I went out to the local antique mall again, and brought back some goodies. Here, then, is the new mantle, pictures taken in 3 vignettes.

The center:

The right side:

And the left side:

One of my buys from today was this awesome vintage bottle for $3. The front says "Straubmuller's Elixer: Tree of Life: Since 1880" and the back says "Nectar: The Golden Life of Health & Vitality." I put a handful of twigs in the bottle.

I also picked up this round tray, imported from England. As soon as I saw it I said "William Morris pattern!!!" and snatched it right up for $3.

Finally, on my Domythic Bliss blog, I talk about how I made this Faerie Book Tree, using several items found at the craft store and antique mall. It's the centerpiece of the mantle now.

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