Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy One Year Anniversary, Catty-Corner Cottage!!

Today's our house's anniversary, and we are so glad
that one year ago today we first slept in its bed.
And we want to give thanks, to this special place
that offers up a true home to Corvin, Tom and Grace

(Apologies to my family for the parody of the family Birthday song)

Yes, today is Catty-Corner Cottage's one-year anniversary! Last night exactly one year ago, we stayed our first night in our new home. And for our one year anniversary, we bought our home a present...a pair of earrings, of sort, for it to wear on its facade.

We finally got our window boxes for the front two windows, thanks to a talented local woodworker, and thanks to a wonderful new contractor for installing them on Monday. I've wanted these window boxes in the windows since we first moved in, so I am THRILLED they are finally up!!!

Looking back on the last year, it's amazing how much we've accomplished. I would have liked to have had even more projects done by this point, but I keep reminding myself that we have an entire lifetime in this house to fix, jazz, and flourish.

So thank you, Catty-Corner Cottage, for being a place that makes me smile and feel blessed every time I come home...both because of what you are, and because of the loved ones I know wait for me inside your doors.