Monday, November 11, 2013

A Thankful Month Day Eleven

Today I am thankful for my Faeriecon family of myth-makers, dreamers, and magic believers.

I was unable to attend Faeriecon this year (it was this past weekend) because we used up our vacation funds on our anniversary Disney trip.  But my sweet and awesome friend Jenny Davies-Reazor, who incidentally is also a phenomenal jewelry and tile and sculpture artist, decided that if I wasn't going to attend, she wanted to have a "Flat Grace" to share the weekend with.  I sent her a handful of pictures of me in full length and appropriately-garbed, and then my amazing friends and loved ones did the rest.

I expected Jenny to pick one picture, but instead they had me wear a "costume" on each of the two main days of the convention....a pretty purple dress for "Good Faeries" day, and a black corset, skirt, and sword for "Bad Faeries" day. 

As you can see, I cavorted with Faerie folk, Green Men, Faerie-smashing warriors, a Nagini, a Goblin King, some witches, some unicorns, and much much more.  So far I've seen over 50 photos taken of Flat Grace over the weekend, and I hear there are even more to come.  I seriously thought maybe I'd see two or three pictures from the weekend, and that already would have made my day...I've hardly been more giggly or felt more loved in my life!

Seriously, everyone who took the time to spend a moment with Flat Grace this weekend, thank you.  I've been pretty down the last month or so, and this was a much-much needed, and HUGEly appreciated outpouring and expression of love.

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  1. I am thankful for friendships forged in fae frolics, and carried out over the InterWeb of magic...