Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Thankful Month Day Nineteen

This has been a really enjoyable project to pursue this month.  And I've tried to keep each post very authentic, meaning I've intentionally not created a "backlog list" of future "thankfulnesses" to post on future dates.  Instead, each day I try to look back at its end and think about what stood out that very day as something to be thankful for.

Today has been a fine day, but I find myself sitting here at its end blanking on what I want to be thankful for.  Curled up on the couch watching Antiques Roadshow with Tom, I whined to him that I had no idea what to write.  His response "isn't it nice to have a life so good that the greatest worry you have to think about is what to be thankful for that day?"

Thanks, hon....you just gave me today's answer.  <3

An old picture from a year ago when I was working on my niece's fairy tale artwork of Thumbelina

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