Friday, November 15, 2013

A Thankful Month Day Fifteen

When I was a little girl, I used to adore taking long long long long hot steaming baths, especially in the wintertime.  When I would get out of the bathtub, mom would set up a pile of warm towels in front of a space heater, and basically burrow me completely down in the towels, with only my head peeking out.  We would make sure the towels never touched the space heater so it would be relatively safe...and then I would lay there for what seemed like hours in what I can only describe now as a zen-like state of total calm and peace, with the warm air blowing against me, surrounded by fluffy warmth.

To this day, my greatest therapy and relaxation techniques involve water, heat, and burrowing.  The closest I've come to recreating this feeling is taking a long hot hot shower at the YMCA where Tom and I used to be members, and then getting out and walking to the sauna right next door, where I would lay there in my towel for as long as I could, letting the warm air surround me.

Last night I took a long therapeutic hot hot shower, and I felt so at peace in that moment.  I am thankful today for that experience of comfort that comes from the combination of heat and water on a cold winter day.



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