Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Magical Oregon Trip September 2019 - Day 2

It was our first full day in Portland, the second day of our trip. And what a gorgeous view to walk out to that morning!

Our BnB had a pear tree right in front of it, and Ruby encouraged us to pick pears to eat, which we did a couple of times.

Friendly neighborhood street cat!

We had breakfast at Harlow, a cafe on Hawthorn I'd heard many good things about, but hadn't had a chance to try last trip. Then at 11, we had an appointment to get our hair fhairy stranded at the Fernie Brae, which had been closed the day before. Alessandra was a delight to talk to, and did a wonderful job on our hair. And we got to see the Brae again!

I was so tempted by this limited edition giclee artwork, but I didn't know where I'd put it.

Have to admire these fellows every time I visit the Brae.

And of course say hello to Wendy's faeries.

Somehow I missed this lovely fairy door on the skirting boards last time I was there.

After we dropped off our packages at the BnB, we took off across town on the bus system (which we discovered is not very user-friendly to non-locals) to visit the Kennedy School, a neat location that has been on my bucket list for Portland.

It was indeed lovely, this old school converted to a hotel and restaurant.

With neat art on the walls:

And each room named for a book:

Shveta exploring the front entry:

The information board in the lobby is also themed.

The restaurant was very pretty and we sat down at the bar.

But although they gave us menus, they never returned to take our order! So. Hmm. Ok then. It wasn't a total waste of time going there, but the service leaves much to be desired.

The art on the wall sure is pretty though.

Shveta's friend, author Laini Taylor, came and picked us up at the parking lot, and the plan was to go to the Rose Garden. We swung by a lovely French restaurant to get some food first, and then I wanted to stop by Sock Dreams to get some fairy socks. We never did end up making it to the Rose Garden, but we enjoyed shopping and saw many lovely things.

I had many friends tell me I needed to go to Cargo, so we did. I loved this gorgeous huge mural on the outside.

Then dinner was at Farmhouse Kitchen, a Thai restaurant.

Shveta, Laini and I felt this funky spigot backdrop would make a fun photo.

The atmosphere was really lovely

And my food was quite good (though I wasn't a fan of the tofu)

Shveta's food:

And Shveta had coconut ice cream colored with flower petals for dessert.

Afterward we stopped by Laini's lovely home, where we met this handsome Yeti she hand made.

And then day 2 was in the books! It all went by so fast!!

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