Monday, March 14, 2011

Daybed Delight

Some of you may already know that Tom and I have been on the Craigslist hunt for a daybed with a pop-up trundle for our extra upstairs room. This room has been called the "Ghost Room", "Rumpus Room", "Guest Bedroom", and "Creating Room" at alternate times, and will be used for overnight guests as well as a desk for my painting and art pursuits (and a wall of bookshelves hopefully) The pop-up trundle was the perfect idea for a guest bed for us because it would be possible to fit it up the narrow stairs (unlike a sofa bed), could accommodate a couple if we needed room for two (pop-up trundle makes the bed the size of two twin beds) but on an every day basis would just be a place to sprawl out with a book.

Well, finally I saw a local listing for an oak daybed with trundle, and we picked it up Saturday after work. Sunday we stopped by Kohls and Big Lots to get the linens for the bed.

Once again, King Corvin wanted to be in the shot:
A close up of the bedspread, with branches and birds:
A picture of the Kinuko Craft painting that will hang in the room and be the inspiration for the colors in the, blue, and touches of golds.

The "theme" of the room is going to be flying creatures. The birds on the bed, fairies (I have an amazing original artwork by Niroot Puttapipat to have framed and put in here) butterflies (I've wanted to purchase some died-naturally framed butterfly specimens for wall art anyway) and so on.

Suggestions for what color to paint the room?

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  1. Ohh.. the blue that shimmers in the green pillow would be a nice contrast to the green.. I have a vision of it in my head.. but cant find a matchy thing at dutchboy.. ill look around and post a link