Sunday, March 6, 2011

Picture Pretty

Sometimes new home owners can work hard all weekend and still not have much of anything to show for it on a blog by the end. Specifically, our focus yesterday and today was on winterizing the home...adding insulating foam to the electrical outlets on all of the outside walls, putting silicone caulk on the window frame cracks, adding weather stripping to the front door, and a foam draft-stopper to the back door bottom.

All of these things are very important and all, but not exactly romantic photo-worthy work. Our successful weekend experiences also included successfully getting two doors wedged stuck to shut, thanks to a borrowed belt sander.

The only real artistic project of the weekend proved to be a bit of a bust. I bought the items needed to carve a stencil for our stair risers, but the test version I painted on foam core wound up looking awful. The stencil blank available is just too flimsy to accommodate the elaborate concept I drew up and carved out for the design. But since I'm so heart-set on the design, I decided I will instead be using carbon paper to transfer the design outline to the stairs, and then painting them in by hand. A more time-consuming process, but better guaranteed to give me the outcome I want.

Stay tuned!

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