Sunday, March 27, 2011

Home Goods is Great

Saturday we had a birthday party to attend in Columbus, so we stopped off before the event at the nearby Home Goods store. We don't have this store in our home town, and part of me laments that fact, and part of me (my wallet) appreciates it. Home Goods is such an incredible shop, full of really beautiful china, glasswork, pottery, garden statues, mirrors...etc. etc. at really quite wonderful prices.

First things first, we found our hall mirror! I had actually seen this mirror at the local Hobby Lobby before, but when Tom saw it, he said quite confidently that it was the right choice for the hallway. And Home Goods full price was the same or perhaps a little less than Hobby Lobby's half-off sale price! So it came home with us.

It was hard to capture the design of the frame with my camera, but hopefully these pictures show a little of it.

There were plenty of other things to capture my eye at Home Goods, but when I saw a display of glass plates and bowls with intricate designs. I was immediately hooked. I wished I could have brought them all home with me, but I settled for two. I almost went home without them, but then I remembered William Morris' famous motto about interiors: "Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." I truly believe these glass pieces are beautiful.

I love the hidden crowns toward the center of the design:
This large bowl goes on the center of the dining room table, along with four placemats we also found at Home Goods.

The color scheme of this bowl is a hint of things to come in the dining room, which has a planned renovation that will be quite time-consuming, but hopefully also quite worth it.


  1. Mik, the ones on the dining table, or on the ones on the purple plate? :) The ones on the purple are from Hobby Lobby. The ones on the table were a gift from my ex in-laws. Thanks!

  2. I love Home Goods too! What are the titles of the books on your hallway table and what is the title of the top book on the coffee table? I think the bottom one is the Vess art book, right?

    The salt and pepper shakers look really nice next to that teal bowl ;)

  3. Edie, you're foreshadowing a post I hope to do tonight or tomorrow on decorating with books :D :D The top book on the coffee table is which a friend got me for Christmas :) The bottom one is indeed the Vess book!

    The hall table books are two fairy tale books I've had since I was a teen...the top one is Andersen Fairy Tales, the bottom one has a picture of Cinderella on the cover...I can't recall the title! (but I'll do a shot of them in the aforementioned post) I hope to take pictures of almost all the books I have lying around on display when I do the post :D :D