Monday, August 15, 2011

The British Invasion

So this weekend I was looking around our kitchen, which was supposed to have an Art Nouveau theme, and discovered something amusing. The British have invaded. Without conscious effort, our kitchen has become Art Nouveau AND British themed. Consider the evidence thus far:

A crowned cat above Corvin's dishes:

A print of a poster for a Pre-Raphaelite exhibit in England:

A splendidly awesome tea towel from a friend in England:

A crowned cat food bowl, castle turret salt and pepper shakers, a tea pot:

Prince Albert in a can:

And the newest and most solid piece of evidence, we have finally joined the ranks of those who have a Keep Calm poster in their homes. My Facebook friend, Dylan Drummond of Son of the Sea Photography put this up as his profile picture, and I was smitten with it. I've seen a million Keep Calm parodies, but none of them ever made me want to display them until this one:

(In case you don't know, Tom and I are tea addicts who have to have our cuppa every night at around 8:00-9:00 in order to "keep calm" ;)

So there's nothing to do but embrace the invasion. I'm already brainstorming a Union Jack bunting for above the cabinets. It's a good thing we're enthusiastic Anglophiles.


  1. As a British follower of your blog, I have to say, I heartily approve! :-)