Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Minis

A few mini updates for a Monday.

We stopped by Hobby Lobby and the local antique mall this morning (we're on a two day mini vacation from work) and got some dried flowers for the bottle on top of the new cabinet, and a piece of antique postcard ephemera I couldn't resist.

The postcard, seen in the montage above, was more than I could resist, because the figure on the left has been written in as "Grace" as you see here. I suspect the postcard was probably purchased at a later date and written on...perhaps the original postcard is from the early 1900s, and the notes were written on there in the 40s or 50s? In any case, they are hilarious...they are captioned things like "Just look how happy Grace is" "I am glad they are together...I guess Mame and I will have to go & get some one else to go with us Ha Ha." "They are going out boating."
The second wall of silhouettes has begun at CCC. I can't seem to go a single evening any more without itching to make another silhouette, so this time I painted Corvin's kingly profile on a little wooden plaque I had on hand, and hung it up on the second silhouette wall to get things started. Tonight I hope to work on another silhouette for this wall as well.

Also at the antique mall, I found another antique tin. It was a little more expensive than the other ones we've purchased, but it was perfect and I couldn't resist it.


  1. It all looks great and I love Corvin's silhouette!

  2. Evita, thanks! Corvin seems to approve of all the nods to him around the house ;)

    Maiden, thank you! I'm trying to start a collection :)