Sunday, August 28, 2011

Purple Aster

As summer starts to sneak into fall, that means one thing at our house: New Plants!!!

Okay, that's what *everything* means to me right now. ;)

I picked up four small blue-purple Aster plants at Meijer yesterday, and I love what a pop they give to the landscape in the front. It's sadly hard to tell how much pop they add from these pictures, but I love love love them. Might even have to go back for more.

It's hard to see from my pictures of the front sometimes what's going on in the flower beds. Left to right, we have Rhododendron, Aster, Hosta, Salvia/Columbine/Balloon Flower, Hellebore, Salvia/um...some stuff I've forgotten...Hosta, Aster, and Rhododendron. :)

And just for fun, here's another silhouette I did last night...a Selkie. On Etsy.

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