Sunday, August 14, 2011

Moroccan Bathroom Painting

So, I knew I wanted to do more to our tiny little full bathroom nestled into the eaves upstairs. I painted it purple when we moved in, acknowledging that when you have a bathroom that small, there's no point to using a light color to make the space seem larger...there's no denying it's tiny. Instead, I wanted to make it seem like the inside of a jewel box from Arabian Nights...something full of color and jewel and magic.

The ceiling slopes, and there are almost no full walls in the small room, so figuring out what sort of pattern I could stencil on the walls was something I pondered for a long time. And finally about two weeks ago, I doodled out a pattern I loved. Saturday, I climbed up on a ladder, and precariously painted the design.

This bathroom drives me up the wall when I try to take pictures of it. I just can't!! It would take someone more talented than me to figure out the right angles to get everything in the shot. It's hard to tell, but this pattern wraps around two walls. This picture shows the wraparound better, but the flash makes the colors look bad:


The Toran window topper also arrived from ebay, shortly after I posted the 6 month anniversary post last week. It looks great!!!

I also went to Hobby Lobby and got more exotic-looking knobs to replace the ones on the medicine cabinet, etagere, and folding door:

Still to do: I'd love to either paint bold designs on the frame for the medicine cabinet mirror, or even tile it. I also need to put a Moroccan hanging lantern I own in here hanging from a hook. And I still plan to buy the Aladdin shadow puppets and put them on display.


  1. It looks amazing! And cosy :)

  2. Bryony, that's just the look I'm going for! Hooray! :)

    Rich, thank you!! :)

  3. Grasidhe! I was just talking to Cael about golden designs around the top of my purple middle-eastern bedroom walls! HA!

  4. And anyway, it turned out lovely! I adore the addition of the beaded knobs. Perfect!

  5. It's marvelous. It's so marvelous, in fact, that it inspired me to comment for the first time.

    I covet your bathroom...

  6. Linds, great minds, and all that <3 Thank you!

    Elzebrook, I am honored!!