Saturday, August 6, 2011

Welcome to the Family!

Welcome to Catty-Corner a few new members of the garden family. First, we have an exciting yet bittersweet purchase...a gorgeous hanging basket purchased at 50% off. It's hard to tell scale in pictures, but this annual basket is just absolutely enormous, lush, and was only $8. No idea what sort of flower it is...the tag didn't say. But the bittersweet comes in that it was purchased to replace the Lobelia that was on the wicker stand. The lobelia was a big part of our inspiration for the front door color, but its time had just come. It has been retired to the back porch now, to live out the remainder of its days in relaxation and luxury.

A shot of one of the hospital row plants I bought at Lowes last weekend, doing much better, thank you. Behind it, you can see the Siberian Delphinium apparently has seed pods on it. Maybe I'll get another year out of that plant after all...

Another of the hospital row plants was purchased as just a little green thing, and it has developed blooms.

Yesterday, while buying the mystery hanging basket, I also picked up this Balloon Flower:

And this Anise Hyssop that tucks in nicely between the Hydrangea and the Rhododendron, and can be moved once they start to grow too large.

I know my posts have been very flower/garden-centric lately. Work continues on the inside of the house, and in fact I'm hoping to start a project this weekend that I look forward to sharing with you all when it is further along.

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