Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Bed in the Bedroom

...who knew accomplishing this feat would be such a huge thing?

If you've read my entry regarding our insane first 48 hours in our new house, you know that on the night of our big moving-truck move, we discovered that the box for our bed did not fit up the stairs of our new house. First, let me explain that what we have is not actually box springs. We have a (super comfy and loved) memory foam mattress, which is designed to sit on a solid flat base. So the box under our mattress is more like a glorified pallet. In fact, here is a picture of it from today, sans its cardboard cover and fabric layer:

We could have purchased split box springs for about $270 (including a new bed frame with a center support). This is sort of like the two twin box springs on a king size bed, only they are mini-versions for a queen size bed. But a memory foam mattress is not technically supposed to go on box springs, as I mentioned above. And my dad seemed quite confident that he would be able to disassemble the "pallet" and reassemble it upstairs. His time estimate for this feat was 2 hours.

Of course as with so many home projects, the 2 hours actually wound up being about 4, but in the end, we had a reassembled base for our memory foam mattress successfully in our upstairs bedroom. And tonight, we will sleep in our own bed, in our own bedroom. (Can't wait to paint those ghosted trees on the walls!)

In other news, while the blokes were working on the bed project, mom and I made pies for the neighbors. I know, it's more traditional for the existing neighbors to bring something over to the new folks, but we wanted to introduce ourselves to the people who live on either side, and as Ned the Piemaker says on Pushing Dasies, "Pie is home, and people always come home."


  1. Looks pretty lived in already! I also can't wait for the ghosty trees in the bedroom. I've been trying to figure out how to get tree "skeletons" on my walls for years now, but too afraid to try and mess it up. I'll borrow some courage from you!

  2. I want to live next to you.....Pie is nice.
    ~Bramble Shane, The Wildwose

  3. Shane, let's take over the houses next door!

    Grasidhe, I am SO overjoyed to hear this all went well, and to see it all coming together so beautifully! I am so very much enjoying this blog. :) Too bad I can't be there in person. <3

  4. Bryony, I hope to start working on the trees this weekend, barring any unforseen events!

    Shane, come on over! :D

    Lindsey, I wish you could be too <3

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