Thursday, February 3, 2011

Entry Foyer Dreaming

One of the features Catty-Corner Cottage has that absolutely thrilled me is an actual entryway. Almost every other house with a cottage feel and cozy size I had seen on in the past two years had a front door that entered directly into the living room, and I really wanted an actual foyer. I had pretty much given up on the possibility, when our house appeared on my radar, and the entryway was one of my favorite things about it. The hardwood floors are so warming, and the willow-patterned punch tin ceiling light casts beautiful shadows on the walls. (The above picture is from our initial tour of the house...that's not our coat tree)

My plan is to have a hall table with a mirror on one wall, and a bench on the other wall. Originally I wanted one of those hall tree units with the bench bottom, hooks on the top, etc. But Tom quickly pointed out as we were moving in that something like that would be too large for the space.

So our current search is for a small size antique church pew. I've found one on Craigslist I very much like, but I am waiting to hear back if the seller is willing to sell just one of them instead of the pair they have listed.

But today on Craigslist, I stumbled on this listing for an antique hall tree that made me literally exclaim "WOW" out loud. If it wasn't for all the new homeowner expenses we already have mounting (I mean, we could buy our washer and dryer for the price of this furniture piece) I would want to get it, and make it work, no matter what it took.

When I step back and look at the foyer again though, I admit that the idea of a church pew fits the feel of the space better anyway. The punched tin light is a favorite feature of the whole house, and the hall tree, stunning as it is, just would overpower everything else.

But it sure is pretty!

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