Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sometimes More is More

Friends on Facebook may remember my posting these pictures of a child's bedroom from an interior designer specializing in Arts & Crafts projects. I find these pictures so inspirational, because they show that sometimes more is more. There are so many William Morris patterns going on in these pictures, it's overload in some ways, and yet somehow I just love the overall result. Would I ever put this many patterns on patterns? Doubtful. But it's inspirational to see how swinging the pendulum in the opposite direction from minimalism can result in cozy and fun results.

Another example of this concept is the interior design work of Magnolia Pearl. Her book, A Bit of Velvet and a Dash of Lace, is one I check out from the library occasionally to read and enjoy. Here again, would I personally put this many layers of intricate fabric and pattern on top of each other? Probably not. But take it down a few notches, and what inspiration!

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