Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh I Want to Go, to Morocco...

...Or at least be inspired for my bathroom.

The upstairs bathroom is one of my favorite spots in the house so far, which is ironic since it's absolutely minuscule.
But something about it just seems cozy to me, rather than constricting or uncomfortable. And having a window in there helps ease any claustrophobic feelings.

I really love the purple color we painted the walls, in part because I have always enjoyed deep and shadow-cast bathrooms inspired by Moroccan jewel box colors. But I still think the white wainscoting, appliances, and porcelain tiles keep it from being too dark.

But there is something missing in the room. I definitely want to give it a little more of a Moroccan jewel-box feel to it. The light fixture in there casts lovely golden shadows in the evening, but perhaps adding a stencil in a henna-inspired pattern of gold? Or any other suggestions? I know that not everything in the bathroom screams Morocco (the blinds, the wainscoting, etc) and I don't want it to seem to have a personality complex, but a bit more mystery might be fun.

I absolutely love this Moroccan-theme bathroom posted on SaucyDwellings.
I like the archway in this bathroom. Perhaps a gold painted stencil around the arched opening above our shower might give it the same feel?
I also wish I could put a screen like this across the window instead of the blinds, but that probably won't happen.

Thoughts on how to add a little more fantasy to the bathroom without overwhelming it?


  1. What about accessories? A few of those pretty lanterns would spice it up! You might consider doing a mosaic project. Maybe you could tile little stars on your sink cupboards.

  2. Oooh...I like the idea of a tile project somewhere!! I thought about lanterns, but I'm not sure where I'd put them. The space is *so* small. Tiling around the mirror on the medicine cabinet could be a great touch. Thanks Pants!

  3. I think the tiles will help for sure, as it seems to be a common theme in all those photos. Plus it's a fun project, and surprisingly easy to do. Can't wait to see a WIP if you go ahead with it! Good luck.

  4. Great ideas! I just pinned your post to my Pinterest board. I am thinking of decorating my master bath in the Moroccan style. Looking forward to following your progress! very inspirational! :-)

  5. Thank you Pea Pod Pad! I would love to see your end result as well!