Sunday, February 27, 2011

Show and Tell Sunday II

Today was a gorgeous day outside, and we relished it here at Catty-Corner Cottage. Click all of the pictures to see them much larger.

We had a couple of visitors in our back yard. This beautiful cardinal was hopping around the tree...
While his lady was on the ground by the garage looking around.
The grove of trees from the bedroom door.
The gorgeous headpiece made for me by Linden Sidhe, displayed with the wedding day jewelry made for me by Parrish Relics.
I finally also got my shelf of Parrish Relics up on the wall in the bedroom as well.
Sometimes an artwork and a location meld so perfectly, it is as if they were made for each other. I was originally planning to paint another tree on this wall by the bedroom door, but when we were trying to figure out where to put this artwork of a woman on a hillside at night, Tom suggested we try it here. As soon as I held it up to the wall, I knew it was *perfect*. The frame of the picture picks up the light caramel tones in the room and the trees, and the dark night-time background brings in the dark tones of the rug and the bed linens. I was euphoric!
On the half wall by our bedroom closet, we put an art quilt my mom made me several years ago of a tree at night time.
Corvin approves of the trees.
The downstairs half bathroom has a theme now. The color scheme is tan and moss green, and the subject theme is J.W. Waterhouse art. In fact, I mischievously suggested I should make a sign for the back of the door that says "Waterhouse Water Closet." :)

I eventually hope to do a wallpaper stencil in here in a mossy jewel green color over the tan. The rug in here is new...we bought it today at Kohls!
The iron rack on the left is perfect for stocking a roll of toilet paper or two, and some books featuring Waterhouse's art.
Two Waterhouse artworks above the toilet.
A fresco of the Danaids above the towel rack.
Our beautiful front door. We're planning to either repaint this brown or a jewel green. Nothing wrong with red, it's just not our style.
I love the period details of our house front. The light is so beautiful, I love the shutter dogs on the corner of the (wood perhaps?) shutters, and look at that doorbell!!!

Home sweet home.

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