Friday, February 4, 2011

Gorgeous Wallpapers

So generally speaking, I wasn't a huge fan of wallpaper until I started getting interested in the Arts & Crafts Movement. William Morris and C.F.A. Voysey's choices of papers are just so incredibly stunning, elegant, and not at all "old lady" or outdated. They are classic and extremely appealing. Unfortunately they are also extremely hard to find at a tolerable price.

January's issue of Cottages and Bungalows Magazine featured a wallpaper from a company called "Wallpaper from the 70s". It was a lovely Art Nouveau pattern, and I was intrigued, as the website name definitely didn't imply classic patterns. But their selection is wonderful. Here are a few of my favorites.

But by far, my favorite is this one, "Belenos"

It's so utterly Voysey-esque! Sadly, although I think a single roll might cover my downstairs half bath walls, by the time you add in the cost of shipping from Germany, that single roll would cost about $130 or so. Ouch. Dang.

A search of ebay for Morris and Voysey wallpapers uncovered this oversized wallpaper border (20 1/2" height) that might look nice in the downstairs half bath instead, with a repeated stencil pattern over the rest of the wall maybe. And it's a much more tolerable price.

Just dreaming of house options, when I can't work on the house itself because we aren't unpacked yet. ;)


  1. Have you seen these sites yet?:

    I've been using one very similar to Belenos as my computer background lately, Squirrel and Blackbird on the Trustworth site (in fact I think it is the same, just slightly different colours).

  2. Bryony, I know, love, and drool over Trustworth, but I hadn't ever seen the Bradbury website before!! Thank you for sharing that! I wonder how their prices are.

    I know Trustworth is what I would totally buy if I could afford it, but a roll of most of their patterns are like...$200-some. :(

    And you're right...that's totally the same pattern in different colors!

  3. I know the prices are crazy! I dream of having the money to buy the Morris & Co handprinted wallpaper from Sandersons, but really it is just not a cost I can justify...
    That said, you wouldn't need much paper to make an impact, especially some of the more pictorial designs.

  4. Ha! This site has been on my mind the last several days. It must have been because you shared it's awesomeness with everyone!

  5. Very true, Bryony. I just wish they sold them in smaller quantities for that reason!

    Evita, which site? The 70s Wallpaper one?