Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eureka! Stencils

I've been looking all over the internet for stencils I could love to use in the new house. It seemed like all I could find was either too traditional (nothing against classic jacquard damask patterns, but I wanted to try to branch out) or too expensive. And then I did another search of Etsy and discovered two stencil-makers whose designs are just my cuppa.

Olive Leaf Stencils has several William Morris design stencils that are just beautiful. However, the frontrunner for our half bath is now definitely her Acanthus Leaf Morris design.

Etsy stencil maker Royal Design Stencils has a few others that are really inspiring me. Like this Moroccan Arabesque design, tempting to use in the upstairs bath, downstairs bath...really, anywhere. (the center pattern)

Used in a more subtle color-contrast, I also think this Moorish Fleur de Lis would look striking.

Love the Art Nouveau feel to this Butterfly and Peony stencil.

I'm not entirely sold on any of them, but I'm glad to be finding better options now!

So which is your favorite?

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