Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trees in the Bedroom

Inspired by Terri Windling's amazing trees she painted in her little cozy British cottage, I've had plans to paint similar ghosted tree images on the wall of our bedroom. This weekend I set to work. So far I have painted three trees...they are more time-consuming than I expected! (Each tree took about an hour and a half to two hours to paint)

I'm currently debating whether or not I want to add more to our bedroom grove.

The corner in the daylight as of Saturday late afternoon.

The view from the open doorway to our upstairs bedroom. Today's addition...a larger tree in the corner by our bedroom door.
The current view from our bed:
I have a wrought iron wall chandelier I'm thinking of putting on the wall between the two trees (it would have to go over some of the branches) and eventually we want to get some sort of chair for the corner.
Probably I'd put it on the wall without the medallion and chains...just the line of candles. Good idea? Other thoughts?


  1. I think maybe the line of candles (with or without the medallion and chains) would look pretty on the wall above the headboard of a bed (never have seen *your* bed so there could be conflicts there). Then a nice antique dresser between the tree trunks, with a leafy-framed mirror above (not too big so as to let the trees have their due attention).

  2. Did you free hand paint these?

  3. The trees look *amazing*.

    You have me all inspired to decorate my house now!

  4. Acrophile, I love the idea of a circular mirror!

    Trish, I did!

    Stephanie, yay! I have years of decorating dreaming from living in an apartment to make up for now. ;)

  5. wow Grace. Truly amazing. (Laurie here)I seriously love this.

  6. Grace, you can get stick-ons of trees.

  7. I've seen the vinyl decals, but I really wanted to create ghost images in a lighter shade of the same color as the walls, so it was more subtle. Plus this way I got to be artistic :D