Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tree Bed

It all began with the bed Terri Windling shared in her blog about bedrooms and trees. The bed is made by Shawn Lovell Metalworks, and each one is an original work of art, with a price of $15,000 that doesn't exactly fit in the budget of a new home owner.

But I've gotten it stuck in my mind that the touch our bedroom needs is to finally purchase a bed frame for our queen bed. It doesn't necessarily have to be a tree bed, but now that the trees are painted on our wall, I can't help but dream of how beautiful such a thing would be.

So I set out to find a less lovely but more affordable equivalent, and found...
Nothing, really. :/

Anthropologie offers a less expensive option with this beautiful bed:

Less expensive than $15k, that is, but at $5,000, still more expensive than the car I drive!

I also found this lovely number:
From Gloverart, which has no price listed that I can find.

Finally I found another lovely bed, originally from a website called PBTeen. At $900 it is expensive, but at least it is relatively more affordable. And...it appears they no longer make it. :(

So back to the drawing board I go. I know that, like so many things with this house, once I find the bed that is perfect for us, I'll know it!


  1. You might try watching Craigslist in Columbus and around you. See if one comes up for sale.

  2. Oh definitely! My eye is definitely glued to Craigslist :)

  3. OMG Grace. you have such an eye for beauty.

  4. I have coveted that Shawn Lovell bed for I don't know how long, but yeah the expense! (Plus, for us, shipping to the UK).
    The Anthropolgie one is really nice though. Yes still expensive, but it is something you will use every day for the rest of your life!
    I have wondered about the possibility of using real trees to make a bed. If you could get 4 roughly the same size and attach them to a frame it could work. Silver birch would look especially nice.

  5. Bryony, I've often thought of doing that very thing myself! If you can build a four-poster bed from milled wood, why not use it in its natural form? You'd certainly have to find just the right trees.

    What about your dream of a large arts and craftsy headboard on which you could paint? I still think that would be fabulous, and a nice contrast to the room. Too many kinds of trees might just kill each other's effect, you know?

  6. Linds, you make a very compelling argument ;)

    Bryony, perhaps I may experiment. I already plan to bring in some branches in urns for the corners of the room that don't have trees. :)