Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Paint Shop Pro is a New Homeowner's Friend

I've always been rather fond of using PaintShop Pro (an easier program to learn and use than Photoshop, at least for me) to alter photos and "try on" concepts and ideas. But never before have I found it so useful as I have in the last couple of months with our new home! Debating where to put an artwork or wall item? Try it out! Figuring out what color to paint your front door? Yay for PaintShop! Here are a few examples of the fun I've had using it.

The exterior of our house currently has decent curb appeal, but has potential to be so much more. Currently, the exterior looks like the above picture, but with PSP, I was able to play with the idea of adding shutters to the bay window, re-painting the door frame and front door, and adding window boxes, shrubs, and a porch railing. Now the only thing to do is to make this image the reality!

Another shot of the house with alterations made. This time I played around with the idea of adding a portico above the front porch too.

Oooh wouldn't an arbor look nice near the back entrance to the house?

I loved the suggestion to put a circular mirror between the trees on this wall instead of the wrought iron wall candelabra. So I played around with seeing how it would look.

And then I tried seeing how it would look to put the wall candelabra above the fireplace instead. Well we liked the look of this altered image so much, we went ahead and hung it as soon as I got home last night.

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