Sunday, February 13, 2011

Show and Tell Sunday

Thanks to Dave's DSLR camera he is still letting me borrow, I was able to play around and take some more pictures of our house progress today. Bear in mind, there's still a loooooooong way to go with the house. I'm a huge art buff, and there is almost no art on the walls yet, for one thing. But still, I thought it'd be fun to show some shots of where we're sitting at now.

Our entry, sans the bench we want to make a focal point in here. There's another one on Craigslist that had our eye right now. We'll see. We bought a couple of identical runner rugs for the space back down this hall. I'd also like to put a basket or two or something under/around the hall table, and a big mirror on the wall above it. Eventually we might repaint here. Color suggestions?

Our dining room, with a nice oak table and chairs set thanks to my wonderfully generous parents who are letting us use one they have no room for. Eventually we want to get corner hutches in here, and I have BIG plans for painting the walls, but you'll hear about that as we get to it.

Eventually I'd also like to get a more medieval-esque trestle table and chairs for in here, but for now we are just extremely thankful for what we have been given!

The living room is too cold and empty for me right now, but we do have some stuff up. You can see on our Masterpiece Theater chair we have the curtains draped and waiting to be hung. They are a lovely deep red and gold brocade.

Eventually I will be painting a quote from my favorite poem, La Belle Dame Sans Merci, in medieval font under the art of Hylas and the Nymphs.
A better shot of the bathroom with the iridescent shower curtain and my much-loved purple walls.
Aaaand our big purchase of the day! Thanks to a housewarming gift from my grandmother, we were able to purchase this beautiful oriental rug we had been eyeing at a local discount store. I love the Mandala-like patterns on it.

More soon! Dave and Tom fixed our drippy tub spigot yesterday, and today we've been running around doing necessary unpacking and cleaning, so I was sadly unable to get to the tree painting in the bedroom, but I hope to get that started very soon!!!

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  1. Looking SO warm and wonderful! It makes me so happy to see this house becoming your home. :)

    Do you have plans to paint your bedroom ceiling peanut butter, too? Or another color?